Tally Docs

Create a Gnosis Safe

In order to create a Gnosis Safe, you must be an admin of that DAO. To learn more about Gnosis Safes, check out What Is a Gnosis Safe?
Navigate to the DAO Settings page by clicking your profile name at the top right, selecting Your DAOs from the drop-down, and selecting the DAO you want to create a Gnosis Safe for. Scroll down to the Gnosis Safes section.
Click the Create Gnosis Safe button.
On the Create Gnosis Safe page, the network your wallet is currently connected to will be selected in the Select network dropdown. If you'd like to create a Safe on a different network, select it from the dropdown and click the Switch network button. You will need to confirm using your wallet.Your address will automatically populate as a Safe owner, but you can also click the Add another owner button to add additional addresses. Next, use the Set threshold drop-down to select the threshold.Finally, click the Create Safe button. That's it!