Tally Docs

Profile Page

Share your DAO deets via your Tally profile.
The Profile Page shows on-chain details about an individual address's governance participation and token holdings. It also includes information added to your Tally profile via Profile Settings.
At the top, you'll see a voter's display name, linked Twitter account, and personal description, which can all be updated from Profile Settings. Below, the numbers of delegations, proposals voted on, proposals created, and DAOs a user is a member of are listed. You'll also see a Delegate button, which allows you to Delegate Your Voting Power to that address.
If an address participates or holds tokens in multiple supported protocols, you can switch between the relevant governance systems with the buttons in the Your DAOs section.
Selecting a DAO will display key details about that user's Activity in the governance. It will also filter Recent votes and Created proposals by that specific DAO.
In the Recent votes section, when no DAO button is selected, you can review a history of voter participation across all governance systems.
In the Created proposals section, when no DAO button is selected, you can view all proposals created by the address.
Each item in the Recent votes and Created proposals sections is a clickable link, directing you to the relevant Proposal Page!
Finally, the POAPs section displays POAPs held by the address.