Tally Docs

Create a Poll

Get stuff done for your DAO by creating an off-chain poll on Tally!
Visit the DAO Page of the DAO you'd like to create a poll for, then click the Create new proposal button at the top of the page.
Select the Poll button to create an off-chain poll. This allows for free voting, but the vote won't be recorded on the blockchain.
If you haven't yet connected your wallet, Tally will prompt you to do so. Most governance frameworks require a proposal threshold—a minimum amount of voting power—to create a proposal or poll. Make sure you connected with a wallet with enough voting power. Then click Continue.
Enter a Title for your proposal, then add a Description. Explain the intent behind the poll and include any helpful context for the voters. If you want, you can also add a Preview image. When you're ready, click Continue.
Now you can add voting options. You can use the Default options—For, Against, and Abstain...
...or choose Custom to enter your own voting options. Just type each option into the text box and click the Add button. You'll see the options you already entered directly above the text box.
When you're done selecting your options, click Continue.
Almost done! Preview your proposal, then select Save draft or Start voting.