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๐Ÿ—ณ Proposal Page
Review Active or Past Proposals
The proposal page shows details of a particular active or past proposal. You can navigate back from a proposal page to the linked governance page by clicking the "Governance" link in the top left corner.
The top of the page shows the proposal title, current status, the Ethereum block when the voting period ends, and the address that submitted the proposal. The "vote" option is only available while a proposal is still active.
The chart below the proposal title shows participating addresses, with bubble sizes shown proportional to voting power. The table to the right lists participating addresses, while the status history section shows the proposal's current and past statuses.
The voter table only shows addresses voting "for" a proposal by default. Select the "against" button in the top right to see those opposing the proposal, or the "view all" button at the bottom to see all addresses in a single ranked list.
Scrolling down, you can see voter participation over time in the "voting timeline" chart. The largest addresses ranked have avatar bubbles shown on the chart to help with identifying key voters.
The final section at the bottom of the proposal page shows the proposal description. Select the "executable code" button to review the proposal's on-chain effects.
All addresses shown on the proposal page are clickable links that direct you to that address's associated voter page. You can also access voter pages by clicking on the bubbles or avatars in either of the two charts.
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