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Link Address to Your Account
How to Publicly Link Your Delegate Address to Your Tally Account
Adding your address to your profile will allow others to publicly link your social profiles and identity with your voting history. This can be beneficial to delegates who wish to build their reputation.
Linking your address to your Tally account is not currently compatible with hardware wallet devices. Please reach out via Discord for manual linking requests if you are a hardware wallet user.
To get started, log in to your Tally account.
Next, connect your wallet with the address you'd like to link to your Tally account.
Click on your profile icon in the top right corner, and select the option for settings from the dropdown menu.
You're now on your profile page, which shows any social accounts and Ethereum addresses linked to your Tally account.
Click on the "link my current address" button, and then follow the steps to confirm and sign the message via Metamask.
You'll now see your address in the "linked addresses" section of your profile page.
You can link multiple addresses to your Tally account. To link an additional address, start by disconnecting your currently connected wallet.
In the Metamask extension, change the connected address to your preferred new address. Reconnect your wallet (with the new address now connected), and follow the same steps above to link your additional address.
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