Tally Docs

Managing a DAO on Tally

Adding a Governor DAO to Tally is easier than ever! You can get started in a few quick steps, even if you haven't yet deployed your Governor contract.
Select the Add a DAO button on the Tally home page.
In the pop-up modal, enter the name of your DAO, add a description, and select Next.
Select Governor (advanced) as your voting style and select Submit. This enables on-chain voting, but requires gas fees for transactions and a deployed Governor contract. If you haven't deployed your contract just yet, no worries—you can still get started and add it
Enter the address of your deployed Governor contract (if you have one), then select Set Governor Contract. If you still need to deploy your contract and just want to get started on Tally with your DAO info, select Skip!
You'll be taken to your DAO Settings Page, where you can link your Governor contract and Gnosis Safe, manage DAO admins, and update DAO info. The Getting started checklist at the top will help you onboard your DAO to the Tally ecoystem!