DAO Page

Explore your DAO's homepage.

The DAO page shows details about a specific DAO, including current and past proposals, assets, and delegates.

DAO Info

At the top of the DAO page, a highlights section shows key information. You'll also see buttons to Create new proposal and Delegate vote. Click the drop-down arrow to view Contract Parameters.

Metrics and Charts

The next section contains key metrics about your DAO:

  • Proposals: number of proposals submitted

  • Holders: total number of addresses holding the governance token

  • Voters: total number of addresses with voting power delegated to them

The Voting Power chart shows the current top 5 delegates' voting power over time, and Top Voters ranks those delegates by voting power.


The Proposals section shows a list of proposals associated with the DAO. Any active proposals will be shown at the top, with a chronological list of past proposals below. Click View all to see more.

Click on a proposal to go to the relevant Proposal Page:

pageProposal Page

The Trending Delegates section offers an overview of some of the DAO's top delegates. You can click the Delegate button to delegate your own voting power to them.

Clicking on a delegate's name will take you to the relevant Tally Profile!

Select 'Explore all delegates' to access the full Delegates Page:

pageDelegates Page

Assets and Gnosis Safes

The Governor Assets or Timelock Assets section (if the DAO has a Timelock) displays information on the DAO's top assets. Click View all for an extended list.

Below, the Gnosis Safes section displays information on any linked Gnosis Safes.

Click on a Safe to access its Gnosis Safe Page:


Finally, the Admins section at the bottom shows the DAO Adminsβ€”users who are able to update settings on the Tally DAO Page.

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