Getting Started

Connect your wallet and sign in to Tally.

Connect Your Wallet

Connecting your wallet allows you to delegate your voting power or vote on active proposals through Tally.
From any page on Tally, select the Dashboard button in the top right corner.
Select Dashboard.
If you have not yet signed into your wallet, you will see the Connect wallet button in the top right corner.
Select Connect wallet.
In the pop-up window, select your preferred wallet service. We support MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, and Safe. Hardware wallet users can also connect their device through MetaMask.
Choose your wallet service.
Follow the prompts to complete the wallet connection process. You will then see your connected wallet in the top right corner of the site.
Wallet successfully connected!

Connect With A Safe

In order to use your Safe to vote on or create proposals, you must first connect your Safe wallet.
We recommend using WalletConnect from the Safe mobile app for the smoothest experience.
Looking to update your Safe profile on Tally? You'll first need to connect your personal wallet that is an owner of the Safe (rather than the Safe wallet itself). Then follow the steps to Sign In As Safe!

Sign In

Tally uses Sign-In with Ethereum. You'll need to connect your wallet before signing in.
Once you've connected your wallet, you'll see a Sign in button at the top right corner of the Tally site.
Sign in.
Follow the prompts in the pop-up window to sign in using your connected wallet.
The top right section of the page will now show a profile image and dropdown menu. Visit Tally Profile to learn more!

Sign In As Safe

Looking to update your multisig Safe's profile on Tally? It's now supported!
In order to sign in with your Safe, you must first sign in with your personal wallet that is an owner of the Safe. Then, from the profile drop-down menu, select Sign in as Safe:
Next, select the Safe you want to sign in as from the menu:
Now you can update your Safe's profile!
To switch back to your personal profile, simply select Switch to... from the profile drop-down menu.
Sign In As Safe allows you to update your Safe's profile on Tally. Please note that when you're signed in as Safe, it's your personal owner wallet that is connected. That means any onchain actions taken (such as voting or creating a proposal) are signed with your personal owner wallet.
In order to take onchain actions with your Safe as the signer, you must first Log out completely, then follow the directions to Connect With A Safe.
This is just our first iteration, so stay tuned for a smoother workflow!

Disconnect Your Wallet

If you wish to disconnect your wallet from Tally, or switch to an alternate wallet address, you can do this through your selected wallet provider. The steps below show the process for disconnecting a MetaMask wallet.
Open the extension in your browser, then select Connected in the upper left.
Select Connected.
On the pop up, choose your currently connected wallet and select the option to Disconnect this account.
You can confirm your wallet has been disconnected by checking the top right corner of Tally, which should now show the option to Connect wallet.