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Share your DAO deets via your Tally profile.

Once you've signed in to Tally, you can click your profile name at the top right to access the profile drop-down menu:

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Your DAOs

The Your DAOs page shows all the DAOs you're a member of.

Your DAOs shows a list of all of the DAOs you're a member of, split into two sections: DAOs you manage (DAOs where you have the Superadmin or Admin role), and DAO memberships.

Click on any DAO to navigate to its DAO Page!


A Tally Profile shows details about that wallet's DAO Memberships and POAPs. It also includes information the user has added via Settings.

At the top, you'll see a voter's display name, wallet address, and linked Twitter account. You'll also see a Delegate button, which allows you to delegate your voting power to that address.

Below, you'll see that voter's DAO Memberships, with information on their voting power and delegations for each DAO.

Finally, the POAPs section displays POAPs held by the address.


Update the information shown on your Tally Profile by accessing Settings from the drop-down menu or clicking the Edit Profile button from your Tally Profile.

The information you enter in Settings is public to everyone. The data in your Tally Profile is a mix of onchain data and off-chain data. Editing your Tally Profile adds off-chain data to the onchain data for your address. In some cases, it overrides the onchain data (e.g. your Tally name and avatar override your address’s ENS name and avatar, if any).

  1. Update your Tally username.

  2. Choose a PFP from your wallet or upload an image.

  3. Update your Bio to tell us a bit about you!

  4. Link your Twitter account.

  5. Generate a Tally API key. Visit our API Portal to learn more!

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