Tuple Support

Tally offers simplified tuple arrays in Custom Actions.

We have integrated tuple arrays into our create proposal platform. Tuple arrays, sophisticated yet straightforward data structures, revolutionize how we handle proposal data by allowing a diverse range of information types to be neatly packaged and processed. This guide will explore what tuple arrays are, how they function, and why they are a game-changer in streamlining governance proposals.

What are tuple arrays?

Tuple arrays are groups of tuples, data structures that contains a fixed number of elements, each of which can be of a different type. For instance, a tuple can contain an integer, a string, and a boolean value all together. Tuple arrays allow for more efficient handling of complex and structured data.

To use tuple arrays, add Custom Actions to your proposal. Then, use the imported ABI. The contract method you choose will include tuple arrays.

Why are tuple arrays helpful?

Instead of handling complex governance proposals through cumbersome and error-prone single data entries, with tuple arrays, you can now seamlessly bundle multiple proposal attributes into a single, organized structure. This integration allows for richer, more detailed proposals, enabling the DAO to process intricate governance decisions with greater accuracy and efficiency.

You can learn more about the simplified input method for Tuple arrays in the video below.

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