Tally Docs

Vote on an Active Proposal

In order to vote on a proposal, first make sure that you've connected your wallet and delegated voting power to yourself!
Note that tokens you own are not active for voting until you delegate. You must delegate to yourself if you wish to vote on proposals directly with your own tokens.

How to Vote

Navigate to the DAO Page and scroll down to the Proposals section.
Select the active proposal that you'd like to vote on to navigate to its Proposal Page.
Click on the Vote button in the upper right corner of the page.
In the Voting pop up, choose your vote— For, Against, or Abstain. ( Note that Abstain isn't an option in all DAOs, depending on their contract setup.) If you'd like, add a comment to explain the reason for your vote to the rest of your DAO. Once you're done, click Submit.
Confirm and sign the transaction via your connected wallet (example below shows MetaMask confirmation).

Confirm Your Vote Status

Navigate to your Profile Page by clicking your profile name at the top right and selecting Profile from the drop-down.
The Recent votes section displays your voting participation in proposals across all of your DAOs. You can also select a DAO button under Your DAOs to filter votes by a specific DAO.