Making Onchain Transactions as Safe

Now, Tally enables onchain transactions as Safe like submitting proposals, voting, and delegating.

All onchain transactions as Safe are supported and sent via the Safe transaction service instead of the connected EOA. Currently, the following transactions are supported:

  • Submit proposal from the create proposal flow

  • Submit proposal from draft page

  • Vote on proposal

  • Queue proposal

  • Execute proposal

  • Delegate voting power

We are also working on support for the following transactions as Safe:

  • Vote in election

  • Register for election

  • Claim airdrop

Voting as Safe

  1. Navigate to the desired DAO page.

  2. Scroll to the Proposal section

  3. Choose the active proposal to vote.

  4. Submit your vote.

  1. Sign the transaction that appears in your wallet.

  1. The β€œVote” button changes to "Waiting for signers" status. The "Waiting for signers" status will appear on all onchain transactions (not just voting) after the transaction is signed in the connected wallet and before it is signed by all required Safe owners.

To have your vote counted, you need to sign the transaction with all owners' safe accounts. Once you sign the transaction as a signer, you will see that your vote has been counted.

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