Governing protocols on multiple chains

Tally has partnered with Wormhole on MultiGov, which powers multichain governance for DAOs.

What is Multichain Governance?

Your DAO, everywhere. MultiGov lets DAOs meet token holders where they are. DAO members can govern an on-chain DAO from any chain. MultiGov supports DAOs on Solana, Ethereum and EVM-compatible L2s. Multichain DAOs will lower barriers to participation and reach users everywhere.

Single-chain vs MultiGov

Until now, DAOs operated their governance on a single chain.

On L1

Many of the oldest and largest DAOs have their token, Governor and treasury all on Ethereum mainnet. Rising L1 gas costs make that setup increasingly expensive. MultiGov gives voters a way to lower gas costs.

On a single L2

Newer protocol DAOs might launch on one network. Once they find product-market fit there, they often want to expand to other ones. MultiGov gives protocols a way to meet users where they are.

Benefits of MultiGov:

  • Save on gas costs

  • Govern protocol across chains

  • Meet community where they are

  • DAO can follow the protocol to new networks

Implementation: the hub-and-spoke model

MultiGov DAOs use a hub-and-spoke model. This model combines well-understood building blocks – governor, token bridges, and message-passing.

On the "hub" chain, the DAO has a standard ERC20Votes token and OpenZeppelin Governor with the Flexible Voting extension. The hub can be any supported EVM chain. Tokenholders can choose bridge their hub governance tokens to spoke chains.

On each "spokes" of a MultiGov DAO, there's a bridged gov token and a spoke Governor. The bridged gov token keeps track of voting power on that chain. When there is a proposal, the voters on that spoke chain vote on a spoke Governor. Votes on each spoke Governor can be aggregated and bridged back to the hub chain.

To learn more about how DAOs can use MultiGov, watch Tally CTO Raf Solari’s ETH Denver 2024 talk on Multichain DAOs here.

The Wormhole DAO

The Wormhole DAO, powered by $W token holders, will be the first to use this pioneering multichain governance system. Wormhole's DAO will enable token holders on any supported chain to engage in the governance process. This approach to governance will enhance the user experience, making community contributions easier.

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