Optimistic Governance

Streamline DAO operations with an Optimistic Governance setup
Optimistic Governance is a DAO setup designed to move quickly. Optimistic Governance lets a small group of decision-makers propose changes, subject to a veto from the larger DAO.
It's best to build Optimistic Governance on battle-tested governance contracts like Governor and Timelock. Those modular contracts plug into a rich ecosystem of DAO apps and tools like Tally.
If you would like to work with Tally to set up Optimistic Governance for your DAO, email [email protected] to set up a chat with our team!


To implement Optimistic Governance, combine battle-tested governance contracts:
  • One Council NFT contract that determines membership in the Optimistic Council.
  • One ERC20 contract that determines voting power for vetoes.
  • Two Governor contracts, the Optimistic Governor and the Veto Governor.
  • One Timelock contract that holds the DAO assets and/or protocol.
Modifications from standard OZ Governor setup
  • Both Governors implement "Super Quorum." Once a majority votes in favor, the voting ends. The Governor can send the proposal or veto to the timelock immediately
  • The Optimistic Governor has PROPOSER_ROLE role on the Timelock
  • The Veto Governor hasCANCELLER_ROLE role on the Timelock. The veto Governor's voting period must be shorter than the timelock delay, so that it can cancel proposals in time
  • Tally's frontend will need to connect the Veto Governor to the Optimistic Governor, so let us know at [email protected] if you are interested in an Optimistic setup.