Remove barriers to DAO governance participation with gasless transactions.

In DAOs, every transaction counts—every vote, every delegation, and every proposal created means something for the future of the organization.Yet, the cost of gas fees has long acted as a barrier to meaningful governance participation. Tally recognizes this challenge and introduces Relay, a revolutionary premium feature aimed at democratizing governance for all.

Using Relay, DAOs can sponsor a transaction budget for their members, covering gas fees for specific or all transactions made in the DAO.

Relay by Tally is a game-changer for DAOs and their members. It empowers DAOs to increase governance participation, removes financial barriers, and ensures the longevity of their operations.

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What is Relay?

Why should I care?

What is Relay?

Relay is Tally's answer to the growing need for gasless transactions in DAOs. In essence, it allows users to relay any transaction—delegating, voting, or creating proposals—without incurring the often prohibitive gas fees associated with such actions.

DAOs can fund a budget dedicated to Relay transactions through Tally. Tally will then relay transactions for the DAO, making governance participation free for members. Tally sustains itself by taking a small fee on each transaction, ensuring the continued operation of the Relay service.

Technical Underpinnings

Relay leverages the power of OpenZeppelin Defender, a battle-tested framework designed for smart contract security and operations. By seamlessly integrating OpenZeppelin Defender with Tally's frontend, Relay ensures a secure and efficient process for gasless transactions within DAOs.

Why should I care?

Several hundreds of thousands of transactions have been made in DAO governance using Tally, racking up several hundreds of thousands of dollars in gas fees. These costs aren't merely numbers; they're tangible barriers that can hinder meaningful participation in a governance system that thrives on active engagement.

DAOs have a vested interest in encouraging their members to participate in governance. More active participation leads to better decision-making, stronger communities, and ultimately, greater success. Here's where Relay comes into play.

By stepping up to sponsor free governance transactions through Relay, DAOs are sending a powerful message of commitment to inclusivity and member engagement. Relay isn't just about removing gas fees; it's about amplifying the governance experience. It's about drawing in new members who value the chance to voice their opinions without the financial burden of gas fees weighing them down.

Relay isn't just about saving costs for DAO members; it's about investing in the future of governance, fostering thriving and inclusive communities, and ensuring the sustainability of your DAO.

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