Free Delegation

Relay enables free delegation for eligible token holders.

Token holders can delegate their voting power, whether to themselves or a trusted delegate, with Relay generously covering the associated gas fees for these delegation transactions. The mechanism operates seamlessly as DAOs allocate a dedicated budget to Tally for the facilitation of these transactions.

However, certain restrictions are in place to ensure fair participation. To utilize this gasless delegation service, token holders must meet specific criteria, including holding the minimum token requirements stipulated by each DAO. For token holders who do not meet these eligibility criteria, conventional delegation remains an option, with the responsibility of covering gas fees falling on the individual.

The restrictions for free delegation are as follows:

  1. Tally will only relay for token holders who hold at least a minimum number of governance tokens. The minimums vary per DAO: 10 ENS, 10 UNI, 30 GTC, 40 ARB, or 50 POOL.

  2. Tally will only relay a delegation transaction once per wallet per DAO.

Currently, the following DAOs sponsor free delegation:

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