Tally API

The Tally API is in open beta!
The Tally API makes it easy to query on-chain data about Governor DAOs. List Governors, on-chain proposals, and accounts with delegations.
Use the API to build notifications, dig into voter data or build governance right into your game or app.

Get an API key

To get started, you'll need an API key. Sign in to Tally. On your User Settings Page, see the "Tally API" section. Generate an API key, and keep it somewhere safe.
You'll need to include that API key as an HTTP header with every request, i.e. {"Api-key": "YOUR_KEY_HERE"}

Quickstart example

To get started quickly, check out the Tally API quickstart example. This simple React app uses Tally's API to list DAOs and their proposals.

API docs

The public API is documented on this site. The API is a graphql API lets you request exactly the data you need.

Graphql playground

One big advantage of graphql is that it's self-documenting. Check out the Graphql API Playground. You'll need to add your API key in the "Request Headers" section, like this: {"Api-key": "YOUR_KEY_HERE"}
Note that the playground also includes undocumented endpoints. Using them is not recommended for production apps, because they are subject to change without notice.

Rate limits

Free Tally API keys are rate-limited. If you'd like to increase your rate limit, reach out in the #tally-api channel on Discord.