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Review Supported Governance Systems
The governance page shows details about a specific governance system, including current and past proposals and vote delegate addresses.
At the top of the governance page, a highlights section shows key governance information.
  • Total voters: total number addresses with voting power delegated to them
  • Addresses: total number of addresses holding the governance token
  • Delegations: total number of addresses delegating votes to another address
  • Active voters: total voters (addresses with voting power delegated to them) as a percentage of all addresses holding governance token
  • Proposals: number of proposals submitted to governance
Directly below, you can review details of the top addresses ranked by voting power delegated to them. The chart shows the current top 5 delegates' voting power over time.
The proposal section shows a list of proposals associated with this governance. Any active proposals will be shown at the top, with a chronological list of past proposals below.
Select the "status" link to filter proposals based on current status or vote outcome.
The table at the bottom of the governance page shows an extended list of top addresses by votes delegated to them.
Clicking the "view all" link in the lower right corner opens a pop up with details on the top 100 addresses by voting power. You can use the left and right arrows in the bottom corner of the pop up to move through the list.
All addresses and proposals shown on the governance page are clickable links, directing you to the relevant proposal or voter page.
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