Tally Docs

Network Support

Networks supported on the Tally interface.
Tally currently supports these EVM-compatible networks:
  • Ethereum Mainnet and Goerli Testnet
  • Polygon Mainnet and Mumbai Testnet
Binance Smart Chain
  • BSC Mainnet
  • Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Goerli
  • Optimism and Optimism Goerli Testnet
  • Avalanche C-Chain and Fuji Test
Gnosis Chain
  • Gnosis Chain mainnet

Adding chains to Tally

Is there a chain you'd like us to add support for? Add it (or upvote it!) on our Feature Requests board.
To support a chain, Tally has several must-have dependencies:
  • Network is EVM-compatible
  • A full node for user web3 calls
  • An archive node with a high rate limit for indexing
  • A block explorer with an Etherscan-compatible API
In addition, these nice-to-have dependencies will unlock all the features and improve the UX: