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Vote on an Active Proposal
How to Vote on an Active Proposal
Before getting started, ensure that you have connected your wallet.
Also confirm that you have voting power delegated to your address.
Note that tokens you own are not active for voting until you delegate. You must delegate to yourself if you wish to vote on proposals directly with your own tokens.

How to Vote:

Select the active proposal that you'd like to vote on. You can access this from the front page by selecting the governance system, and then scrolling down below the delegate voting power chart.
Click on the "vote" button in the upper right corner of the page.
On the voting pop up, select your preferred option and click the "submit your vote" button.
Confirm and sign the transaction via your connected wallet (example below shows Metamask confirmation).

Confirm your vote status:

Select the relevant proposal from the governance page. Then click on the "view all" button under the list of voters on the right hand side.
You should see your address appear in the list of participating voters. If you're not among the top 10 participants by voting power, simply click on the "load more" button until you see your address.