General Ecosystem Info

First, let's get down the basics.

Prior Knowledge

The section assumes users have a general understanding of cryptocurrency, along with some familiarity with the Ethereum ecosystem in particular (most governance protocols currently exist on Ethereum).
If you find that you're still a little unclear, check out the external resources below.

Cryptocurrency and Ethereum Info

Community Resources and Tutorials

  • DefiPrime: Depth of information about decentralized finance.
  • Defi Dad: User-focused product guides and tutorials.
  • Defi Rate: Coverage of DeFi projects and events.
  • Gabriel Haynes Youtube: Interviews, deep dives on projects, and educational resources.

Newsletters and Blogs

  • Bankless: Content platform focusing on decentralized finance.
  • The Defiant: DeFi-focused newsletter and interview series.
  • Our Network: Community newsletter focused on o-chain data and analysis.
  • Today in Defi: Daily coverage of decentralized finance.
  • Week in Ethereum News: Concise roundup of the Ethereum ecosystem.