Delegation Week

May 22-25, 2023 is Delegation Week
Tally is participating in Delegation Week, an ecosystem-wide DAO event. Delegation Week is a time for token holders to check in on their delegates and change them if necessary. Delegates can share what they have been up to. Tally can help!

For tokenholders

If you hold governance tokens in DAOs on Tally, visit your dashboard to see your delegations. You'll be able to see your delegates and update your delegations if needed. During Delegation Week, some DAOs are sponsoring free delegations for eligible users. They will cover the gas for delegation, while supplies last.See your tokens on your Dashboard​

For delegates

If you are – or want to be – a delegate, Delegation Week is a great time to reach new and existing tokenholders. Before delegation week, make sure your Tally profile is up-to-date. Set your name, profile pic, and link social media handles. Update your Delegation Statements for your DAOs. During delegation week, ask for delegations on Twitter, Discord or DAO forums.

For DAOs

We encourage all DAOs to join in delegation week! If you participate in a DAO, here's how you can help:
  1. 1.
    ​Join in on Delegation Week planning. There are community calls every week.
  2. 2.
    Tell delegates about Delegation Week before it starts and how to prepare
  3. 3.
    Starting May 22nd, tell tokenholders about Delegation Week! Link them to a way to update their delegations

Delegation week is permissionless!

Delegation week is for everyone. If you have an idea, we encourage you to do it! Let us know if we can help.