Proposal Page

Navigate DAO governance.

The Proposal Page shows details of a particular active or past proposal. You can access the Proposal Page from the Proposals section of the relevant DAO Page. Click the DAO name in the breadcrumb at the top left to return to the main DAO Page.

Proposal Info

The top of the page shows the proposal title and its current status. It also shows the Tally Profile that created the proposal and when it was proposed.

Voting on Tally

Voting is one of the most important actions you can take on the Tally website! When a proposal is active, you will see the Vote onchain button directly on the proposal page.

If the proposal is no longer active, you'll see its status there instead.

To learn more about interacting with the proposal lifecycle on Tally, visit:

πŸ—³οΈpageProposals on Tally

Overview Chart

The Overview chart below the proposal info shows participating addresses, with bubble sizes proportional to voting power. Below, you'll see the Participation rate for the proposal.

Voting Timeline Chart

The Voting timeline chart shows voter participation over the life of the proposal. Mouse over the timeline to see details about a specific voter.

Votes Table

In the right-hand panel, the Votes table lists addresses that have participated in the vote, ranked by voting power.

The Votes table only shows addresses voting For a proposal by default. Select the Against or Abstain tab to see those opposing the proposal or abstaining from voting, or the View all button at the bottom to open a page with all addresses in a single ranked list.

Status Timeline

The Status timeline shows details about the proposal's lifecycle, including timestamps. Click the three-dot menu icon to copy the block number at which the action took place.



The Details section at the bottom of the Proposal Page shows the proposal's Description. If you used a Tally recipe to create the proposal, you'll also see an infographic with helpful information there:

Executable code

Select the Executable code tab to review the proposal's onchain effects. One of the advantages of onchain DAOs is that anyone can see the exact smart contract calls that a proposal will make if it passes.


Select the Comments tab to view comments made by voters explaining why they chose to vote as they did.

All addresses and profile names shown on the proposal page are clickable links that direct you to that address's associated Profile!

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