Tally Docs

Proposal Page

The Proposal Page shows details of a particular active or past proposal. You can navigate back from a Proposal Page to the linked DAO Page by clicking its name at the top left.
The top of the page shows the proposal title, its current status, the block when the voting period ends, and the estimated end time. It also shows the addresses that submitted and created the proposal. The Vote button is only available while a proposal is still active.
The Voting chart below the proposal title shows participating addresses, with bubble sizes proportional to voting power. The Votes table to the right lists participating addresses, while the Status history section shows the proposal's current and past statuses. Below, you'll also see the Participation rate and Voting timeline chart, which shows voter participation over time.
The Votes table only shows addresses voting For a proposal by default. Select the Against or Abstain button to see those opposing the proposal or abstaining from voting, or the View all button at the bottom to open a page with all addresses in a single ranked list.
The Details section at the bottom of the Proposal Page shows the proposal's Description. If you used a recipe to create the proposal, you'll see an infographic there. There's also a Media attachment button to view any media associated with the proposal.
Select the Executable code button to review the proposal's on-chain effects. One of the advantages of on-chain DAOs is that anyone can see the exact smart contract calls that a proposal will make if it passes.
All addresses shown on the proposal page are clickable links that direct you to that address's associated Profile Page!