Draft Proposals

Mitigating friction in the governance process

What are draft proposals?

Want some feedback on your proposal before it goes live? Keen to write it and have someone else submit it?

Draft proposals provide a more efficient and flexible way to get things done in DAOs. Draft proposals allow DAO contributors to save their proposals offchain in an easily digestible format for review before submitting them onchain.

Key Features

  1. Gather Feedback: Users can easily gather feedback on DAO proposals before submitting them onchain.

  2. Retain Context: All draft proposal metadata is recorded and included in the onchain proposal when submitted.

  3. Flexibility in Submission: Draft proposals are created offchain and can later be submitted onchain at any time. This makes it possible for different stakeholders to create the proposal and ultimately submit it.

How to Submit a Draft Proposal

How to Delete a Draft

If you've created a draft that you are no longer interested in using, you can delete it from the Preview screen: just open the overflow menu in the top right and select "Delete draft".

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