Arbitrum DAO Security Council Elections Guide

This guide will walk you through the democratic process of electing members to the Arbitrum DAO Security Council.

For more details on the first Security Council election on September 15th, please visit the Security Council Election 101 page in the Arbitrum DAO forum.

What is the Arbitrum DAO Security Council Election?

The Arbitrum DAO Security Council is structured into two distinct groups, each comprising six dedicated members tasked with overseeing and mitigating risks within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Elections are conducted every 6 months to appoint members to these groups. Each member serves a one-year term.

The Arbitrum DAO Constitution establishes a framework for electing members to the Security Council.

On this page, you can learn about:

Election Rounds

Navigating the Election

Becoming a Candidate

Registering a Candidate Profile

Voting for Nominees

Election Rounds

The Security Council Election consists of two rounds with a Compliance Verification inbetween.

Round 1 (7 days)

  • Registration occurs during, not before, Round 1.

  • This round displays the list of candidates with associated vote counts.

  • Voters can vote for their preferred candidates to qualify candidates for Round 2.

  • The coundown timer indicates the amount of time remaining time in Round 1.

Compliance Check (14 days)

The Arbitrum Foundation has 14 days to vet prospective nominees to ensure they comply with the legal requirements, service agreements, and additional rules dictated by the Constitution.

If it finds that a candidate does not pass the compliance check, it may exclude the candidate from progressing to Round 2.

Note that grounds for exclusion can include greater than 3 members of an organization being represented in the nominee set (as described in Section 4 of the Constitution).

If there are less than 6 eligible nominees, then the Foundation will consult with outgoing members of the cohort on whether they will continue in this role for another 12 months. Members of the existing cohort may be selected at random to fill the remaining seats.

Round 2 (21 days)

  • This round displays the list of qualified nominees who meet the compliance check in Round 1 with associated vote counts.

  • Voters can vote for their preferred candidates.

  • The coundown timer indicates the amount of time remaining time in Round 2.

  • The 6 candidates who receive the most votes will be elected to the Security Council.

First, open the Arbitrum DAO page.

Then, scroll down to navigate to the Councils section.

Becoming a Candidate

During the first 7 days, any candidate can register, unless they are already a member of the other cohort. Members of the current cohort (the cohort up for election) can register for re-election.

To become a candidate, you must be an Arbitrum DAO member (meaning you must hold $ARB in the wallet logged into Tally). You also need support from at least 0.2% of all votable $ARB tokens.

Registering a Candidate Profile

Before registration, you need to connect your wallet and sign in. To do this, click Connect Wallet on the top right of your screen.

To create a candidate profile, start from the Election page. Click Register As A Candidate.

Complete all 3 steps and submit your candidacy.

Voting for Nominees

To vote for candidates, navigate to the Election page. Click the Vote button.

From the candidate list choose the one to vote for. Use the max votes or enter the amount of the desirable votes. Click the Submit button to cast your votes for preferred candidates.

Voting power will decay if you do not cast your vote within the first 7 days:

  • 0 - 7 days: Votes cast will carry a weight of 1 per token.

  • 7 - 21 days: Votes cast will have their weight linearly decreased based on the amount of time that has passed since the 7-day point. By the 21st day, each token will carry a weight of 0.

You can vote multiple times for different candidates.

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