Arbitrum Gnosis Safes

Temporary work around for known WalletConnect V2 issue

This should be considered only a temporary solution as a work-around to this known public issue on WalletConnect V2 and Gnosis Safe.

As soon as the issue is resolved the documentation will be updated.

With the release of WalletConnect V2 some users are experiencing trouble connecting their Gnosis Safe to Tally.

This issue currently only affects Arbitrum based Gnosis Safes on Tally.


Connecting your Arbitrum based Gnosis Safe to

  1. On select "Connect Wallet" from the Arbitrum DAO page. Do not use the "WalletConnect" button. Instead click on "Using a safe on Arbitrum? Click here". This will open the standard WalletConnect flow.

  1. Copy your connection string.

  1. From the Gnosis Safe, please select "use WalletConnect".

  1. Paste your connection string here to connect your safe via wallet connect.

  1. You should now be connected.

When voting or delegating or creating other Web3 transactions, be sure to switch back to your Gnosis Safe window to see the status of the transaction. Tally will not provide feedback on actions taken inside the Safe App.

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